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What Should I Wear for My Boudoir Photoshoot? | Crystal Lake Boudoir Photography

So, you finally decided to “go for it!” and you booked your Valentine’s Day boudoir session with April Bowers Photography.   After all, it is a new year and you are determined to bring a little sexy back to your life.  Although there is something warm and familiar about yoga pants and a ponytail, the sexy and the feminine seems to be taking a backseat to the more practical.  Leg shaping high heels have been replaced by slip on Toms or gym shoes, and you can’t remember the last time you spent a few hours just being a girl. Yes, a boudoir session is just what you’ve needed.  A little pampering, a little makeup and hair styling, and a whole lot of fun with some great girls (if I do say so myself.)  You’ve read our Couture Beauty | Boudoir Prep Magazine and realize that your wardrobe is one of the most essential parts of your shoot.  We’ve encouraged you to bring plenty of outfits and items to the studio so that we can help you look your absolute best, but you have no idea where to start.

No worries.  You’re not the first client who needs a little wardrobe guidance, and won’t be the last. Hike up those yoga pants and take a deep breath.  We’ve got this.

First think about how you dream of being photographed.  What is sexy to you?  Are you a Girl Next Door or an Elegant Seductress?  Maybe you’re more of a Sexy Siren. Color schemes can help you hone in on your style.  Light colors and lace are always going to be more sweet and demure.  Neutral Colors are very classic and elegant.  Red and black have always been symbolic of the Sexy Siren.  There are so many other color options, but let’s start with the basics.  It’s a lot less overwhelming and will be like dipping your toes in the water.

Next, it’s important to think about your own comfort level and body issues.  I don’t like hiding from those, because we all have them. Better to face that beast head on.  If you LOVE your tush, try to find an outfit that shows it off.  This could mean you focus a few outfits around some cheeky panties or thongs if you dare.  If you are insecure about your tummy area, forgo the bra and panty set and look for something more contouring like a shapewear slip or a corset.  By the way, corsets look great on everyone! Bringing a sheer or satin robe can also aide in covering common trouble spots. Show off what you love, cover what you don’t.  It’s that simple.  {Keep in mind, I do use posing and lighting techniques to help shape you, sculpt you, and make you look your absolute best.  A good boudoir photographer knows how to use posing and lighting to compliment each body type that is in front of his or her camera.}

In regards to shoes, I find that a pair of black stilettos is a tried and true staple with my clients. But often overlooked (and more importantly), is a pair of nude pumps. They will go with just about everything and elongate your legs, which is great for making you appear slimmer.  Many of my clients have never given nude shoes a second thought until they learn this fashion trick.  My favorites are nude high heels that have a little bit of platform underneath the toe area. Then you’ve got great booty shaping AND leg lengthening with the bonus of a shoe style that makes your feet look more petite.

Below you will find a few different outfit ideas that I found from Victoria’s Secret.  In addition to their beautiful lingerie pieces, I have even added a baggy sweater. Paired with some cute and flattering undies, this can be a great look for those who are a little more shy but want a sexy, relaxed feel to their shoot.  You know, a little leg showing, a little shoulder baring, and you are giving him just a hint of what’s in store.

What do you think about these outfits?  Do you gravitate more toward the Girl Next Door look?  The Elegant Seductress?  The Sexy Siren?  I’d love to hear about what look you find sexy.  Make sure to comment below!

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